Remittance Service

KEB Hana Bank Amsterdam KRW Remittance Service for Amsterdan Branch Account Holder

  • Eligible Customer :
    KEB Hana Bank Amasterdam Branch Account Holder
    (Application Available on internet Banking and Branch)
  • Required Document to open Account
    • - Passport
    • - a prove of your address (copy of utility bill on your name)
    • - a copy of certificate of BSN number (copy of driver license)
  • Estimated Remittace Time :
    1 business day
    (Other bank's EUR/USD Remittance takes 2 to 3 days)
  • Merit of KRW Remittance Service :
    FX rate and KRW amout can be fixed
  • Contact by Email :
  • Contact by Telephone : 31-20-546-9377

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