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MON - FRI, 08:00 AM ~ 04:00 PM (Caja ~ 01:00 PM)

Tel. +507-340-3360 Fax. +507-340-3359



Calle 50,Urbanizacion Obarrio Edificio Torre Global Bank Piso No.19, Oficina No.1902 Panama, Republica de Panama

Parking: Available in the building (30 mimutes free)


2024/01/01 is New year’s day
2024/01/09 is Martyr’s day
2024/02/12 is Carnival
2024/02/13 is Carnival
2024/03/29 is Easter Friday
2024/05/01 is Labor day
2024/11/04 is National symbol day
2024/11/05 is Colon day
2024/11/11 is Los Santos Uprising day(observed-actual day is Sunday)
2024/11/28 is Spain independenc day
2024/12/09 is Mother’s day
2024/12/20 is National mouring day
2024/12/25 is Chrismas day

Transfer or Remittance transactions cannot be processed on the same day.
Please mind that the funds will be processed on the next banking day.

Checks deposited from other banks are released the next business day after 5:00PM

Para el depósito de los cheques locales de otros bancos, los fondos estarán disponibles al siguiente día hábil después de las 5:00 p.m.

Thank you.


Calle 50, Edificio Torre Global Piso No.19 Oficina 1902, Panamá, Rep de Panamá